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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Defrauding America

I could say the actions of a few of the citizens in this Republic [The United States of America] are to be frowned upon in the manner in which they conduct business, albeit, I would be in error, no, it would seem that quite a few of  those that transact business in this country has always [looking at your history] had a taste for doing what I call unethical and down right immoral. There is nothing inherently wrong in conducting a transaction for the purpose of making a profit and the vice in which is commonly used in this Republic is in essence just that, "Capitalism", the problem emerges when one conduct a transaction, knowing full well that the thing in which is being transacted is not worthy to be transacted or the means in which it is being off-handed to another is of inferior quality [especially for the profit that is being generated from such a transaction]. Such is the case with those that have caused thousands, if not millions of people to lose their life savings, homes and brought many to the place of committing suicide. Back in the eighties there was this movie that made it to the silver screen called Greed Is Good, starring Michael Douglas, I am by no mean blaming this movie or those that had anything to do with it coming to the screen as being culpable with the environment in which we now find ourselves but certainly,  I make the supposition that this movie [Greed Is Good] gave a back-drop to the shenanigans and corrupt practices that has taken place in the last twenty-nine years or so. After all, in order for any seed to sprout, all one need to do is deepen it into a cultivable environment and the rest will follow, this is true with most,  if not all things in which humans come in contact with, whether it is subtle or not. For such practices take their cue from  Deception.

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